Design New Digital Products

With an emphasis on user experience, our designs are attractive and contemporary while working flawlessly and efficiently to make your brand image and products more exciting, easy to use and work with. With every imaginative creation, we achieve a spectacular style with an eye to further scaling and development as needs grow and change for web and mobile apps.

The Design

Reliable existing products can benefit from a refreshed appearance and updated technology, which is another expertise we provide. Our customers rely on us to continue the product life-cycle as their customers grow and the market changes.

The Workflow

Our team performs a detailed analysis to form the foundation of logical associations based on research and data. This attention to detail achieves spectacular results for our clients, who exceed their goals and KPIs.

The Service

Our team will become or compliment your internal UX design staff seamlessly incorporated as a valuable asset to your company. No matter your stage of business — from startup to mature corporation — we excel at helping your digital products grow with a maximum user experience from every application.

The Result

OAlways a functionally designed product delivered efficiently, launched quickly and a great all-around experience working with our team!

We are expanding? and replacing design team for our customers.

The Method

Sit back, relax and enjoy a clean and transparent design process, developed by us for our valued customers and friends. This easy, relaxed approach inspires many people to create stunning and useful designs that become their flagship products. Learn more


Co-creation is the key, and we are experts at meaningful, impactful collaboration. With just a spark of an idea, we incorporate the technical and design knowledge to bring it to life quickly, efficiently, and flawlessly.

1/ First Interview
No more faceless creative briefs! We immerse ourselves in your brand, seeking knowledge to get to know you, your needs, expectations, goals, hopes, and dreams.
2/ The Roadmap
We make a roadmap of how we will reach your project goal with a sensible time scale and frequent updates to what your product will look like.
3/ Task Managment
You will be able to observe the entire flow of the project through exclusive access to our task-management system, where you can see the schedule, tasks status, give your comments, feedback, and more.

Strategy & Analytics

Developing a great product requires collaboration from our team and from you. For a great end result, this stage is very important, as this where we form the foundation of your future product.

1/ Business Requirements
We collect clear direction and requirements from your team (managers, marketers, employees, etc.). Each team member has a unique perspective that contributes to the creation of the product. If you already have marketing research we are thrilled to incorporate this as well.
Interviews with stakeholders / Surveys
2/ User Experience
We collect data on requirements and user experience, discovering the pain points and ah-ha moments of your customers toward the goal of providing a must-have product design.
Surveys / Usability Testing / Expert Review / CJM
3/ Web Statistics
Whether you already have a product. However, you want to bring a new life to this — we will analyze the current statistics of your service, highlighting patterns and sore points.
Google Analytics / Matomo / Hubspot / Mixpanel
4/ Competitors Analysis
Determining the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors provides a picture of your own place in the market. We study your competitors and discover their positive and negative practices and make this a consideration for your own brand’s success.

Functionality & Content

Having a clear idea of what we want and what our users want, we can understand how to achieve these strategic goals. Strategy will turn into system capabilities when we transform user needs and product goals into specific requirements for content and functionality.

1/ Product Features
At this stage, we will have a list of product features, an outline of the functionality, highlights of the most important aspects and a hierarchy of the product initial release and subsequent upgrades. It is important for us that we create a product you believe in.
2/ Content Requirements
Your service and brand should speak the same language as your users. At this stage, our goal will be to compose a list of requirements, which must be followed as the basis for user interaction and communication with the brand at all stages of project development and support.

Structure & Navigation

Since we collected and ranked the requirements, we have a clear view of what the final product will contain. However, the requirements do not describe how these parts form a coherent whole. The development of the conceptual structure of the Website is a task for this level.

1/ UserFlow
We believe that the application should have a synergy with your users and then they will thank you. To do this, we will develop optimal scenarios of user interaction with your product, based on previously collected knowledge.
2/ Structure
Based on user flow, we will structure your product. We will determine the optimal number of screens and the required functionality features on these. Hence, the structure and navigation of your service will be clean and convenient.

Prototyping & Wireframing

It’s a time to make the non-tangible structure completely concrete. This stage will be enjoyable! We are brainstorming, inspiring by existing successful products, street culture, nature, art, social trends and many others to create a concept of the future product.

1/ The Prototype
We will design key screens prototypes using the most effective patterns. Here, the UX designer turns on all of his power to make interaction simple and useful. Since now our work can be perceptible.
Axure / Marvel / ProtoPie
2/ Testing
Time to kick the tires at this point, since the prototype is available for interactive analysis. At the testing stage, the product’s functionality features will be carefully reviewed to identify any missteps, bugs or weaknesses of the user that must be addressed before launch. We will invite your team and your users to experience our work. We will collect feedback and present you the result of the tests, as they bring the product to the limit.
Usability Testing / Guerilla Testing / A/B Testing / etc.

Visual Design

We believe that form and function should work together in harmony to produce a user interface that anticipates the needs of your customers while giving them an amazing experience. Thanks to the early stages described above, the application will be intuitive, easy to use and visually stunning as well.

1/ Visual Design-Concept
We will create a few stunning visual concepts for your product so you can choose the sexiest one.
Sketch / Invision / Principle
2/ Design Roll-Out
After the approval of the design concept, the design begins to take shape screen by screen. At each stage, you and your team will see the progress come to life.
3/ Testing
At this phase, customer perception is important through user testing and opinion gathering. We have developed our own methodology of emotional evaluation for design, which includes usability of the product as well as the emotions experienced through user exploration.
Usability Testing App
4/ Design System/UI Kit
The design system lays out the foundation for the further support and development of your product. Composition of the visual language of the application, from button color through the most complex components, allows for the addition of new features efficiently, without loss in design.

Design Transfer & Quality Control

The design transfer will flow without headache and loss. We will prepare all the materials. This will aid the development team, yours or the one that we provide you with, quickly immerse in the process and furthermore help you to estimate the investment in this stage.

1/ Design Transfer
The full design is transferred with quality control measures in place, including functional specifications and a list of requirements complete with a full description of how the future application should work.
Invision / Zeplin / Avocode
2/ Front-End
Our team creates a front-end visual user experience implementing elements such as animation and user interaction, functional on different devices and screen sizes.
HTML / CSS / JS / React.js / Vue.js
3/ Quality Control
It is critical to maintain the connection with our team during this phase of development to monitor the quality of the solution and the implementation of the design. We will work closely with your developers, and always will be in touch.

Product Arrangement & Launch

The launch phase is here! Your product is ready to break into the market, and we will pack your product for a successful launch phase. We will take care of the entire design from the business cards to the design of the promotional website, keeping you involved but with more available time for PR and marketing work.

1/ Promotional Website
A great product should have a great showcase. We will design a promotional website or a landing page for your product. We will unveil its features in the best way, and narrate about personal benefits aiming every segment of your customers. They just left to click on the “Start” button.
2/ Marketing Things
The full design is transferred with quality control measures in place, including functional specifications and a list of requirements complete with a full description of how the future application should work.
Branding / Pitch Deck / etc.

UX Analytics & Design Support

After the project’s start, the UX doesn’t end — it is just beginning now. Especially if it’s a beta launch. Here we are joining into the battle with renewed vigour. We will be collecting data, analyzing, implementing, and testing.

1/ UX Analytics
We will set up a feedback collection. We will be collecting analytical data for every feature to assure continuous improvement of the value chain.
Web Analytics / Survey / Usability Testing / Help-Desk
2/ Design Support
We may become your ‘design support’ team on a continuous base. You can always count on us and our skills.
T&M / Fix Price

The Team

A team of at least four people is allocated for each project, with other members of our staff included as needed for brainstorming, additional development or technical expertise.

Project Manager

Your project will be supervised by a Project Manager during all stages of development. This person will be responsible for managing deadlines, tasks, discussions, and meetings and is your ally during and after the project. Always in touch with you and able to promptly answer your questions, the project manager is the go-to person in control of all players and processes from beginning to end.


The Project Analyst will collect all the requirements for future product improvements and new developments. Eager to delve into tables and charts, to study statistics and patterns, the analyst is the essential, solid foundation for the product.

UX Designer

This man can make a functional, ergonomic and sexy product out of a heap of analytical data. Teamed with an art director, graphic designers and illustrators, he becomes a superhero.

Content Manager

The Content Manager will work with your content from concept to production and specializes in communicating your brand goals and product promotion through words, pictures, video, animation, and more.

Terms of Cooperation

Fixed Price

An invoice payable at the end of each month, reflecting the actual direct labor at hourly rates consumed by your project.

Time and Materials (T&M)

An estimate of resources and time for your project will be invoiced to you prior to starting work.

Our Favorite Tools


  • Slack

  • Hangouts

  • Telegram

  • Skype

  • Zoom


  • Sketch

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Axure

  • Invision Apps

  • Zeplin

  • Figma


  • Principle

  • ProtoPie

  • Adobe AfterEffects

  • Keyshape

  • Framer


  • ActiveCollab

  • Kanban

  • Mindmap

  • Dropbox


What if I have a product description and technical outline, but need help with the implementation?

Through research and interviews, we will ensure that we make the right product for your users. We help you formulate a strategy and a roadmap that can handle shifting priorities issues.

We have our own team of developers and designers but we need additional proficient help with developing our product. Will you work with us?

Absolutely! We have extensive experience working with internal teams, collaborating with developers and providing support for designers.

I have an idea, but I’m not certain it can be turned into a functional product ready for the market. Can you help me?

One of our proficiencies is product development through our ability to gather a deep understanding of the market and potential customers. This helps us collaborate with you on determining the problems your product should solve, and the best approaches to develop it and scale it up through holistic processes.

Do you have coding professionals on staff?

Our team is not engaged in programming but we are in touch with several brilliant coding teams. We will prepare all the details for the transfer of work to the coding team, communicating with the developers at all stages of the product to ensure quality control.

Get acquainted?

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